News - Forests and Climate Change

Illegal logging robbing people in Africa of livelihoods – Global Witness

1st May 2013
Logging firms secretly given permits for land while communities in DRC, Liberia, Ghana and Cameroon struggle for timber. (The Guardian)

Where are the trees?

3rd Apr 2013
The globally announced new forest policy of controversial paper giant Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) will save almost no forests in its main base of operations in Sumatra, a new report by the NGO coalition Eyes on the Forest has concluded. (Rainforest News)

“Is REDD going ahead or not?” Indigenous leaders complain about the lack of information

28th Mar 2013
"It is not clear what Ulu Masen is. It is not clear where the border is or what the zoning will look like" says T. Camarud Zaman, the head of Sarah Raya village. (REDD Monitor / Chris Lang)

Gender relations are changing along with climate

25th Mar 2013
A changing climate will inevitably have an impact on gender relations in rural communities, but not enough is being done to boost the resilience of women. (IRIN)

Amazon Indians unite against Canadian oil giant

19th Mar 2013
Amazon Indians from Peru and Brazil have joined together to stop a Canadian oil company destroying their land and threatening the lives of uncontacted tribes. (Survival International)

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