(4) February 2014

Tanzania: ‘large-scale farming turns small farmers into mere labourers’

Critics of New Alliance say private investment and improvements in rural infrastructure will not liberate people from poverty (Claire Provost, Erick Kabendera / Guerdian)

Indigenous group defends water, land against dam threat

The Cora community refuses to accept the artificial reservoir in the San Pedro Mezquital River because it would inundate or endanger 18 sacred sites and would place conditions on their traditional cultural practices. (Agustin del Castillo / CIP Americas Program)

Pace of global land rights reform is slowing, says new report

Change is promised but land grabs continue and 61% of forests are still claimed by governments (David HIll / Guardian)

Mauritanian villagers protest Saudi National Prawn Company investment

Villagers in Boghé, a community 190 miles south west of the Mauritanian capital of Nouakchott, are protesting a proposed $1 billion investment by the Saudi National Prawn Company (NPC) in an aquaculture project in the Senegal river valley that will cover 31,000 hectares. (Richard Smallteacher / CorpWatch Blog)

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