(3) January 2016

Land Grabbing: “Big, big problem”

Chris Lang reports on the new documentary film Land Grabbing from Director Kurt Langbein. “If Addax won’t help us drill a well, they’re going to kill us,” Serie says. He accuses Addax of mixing chemicals into the water sprayed onto the sugar cane. “Our animals died from eating weeds near the sugar cane fields,” he says. In the rainy season, the chemicals are washing into the river. “This is a major problem for us. Big, big problem.”

Death Threats and Detention in Paraguay

A new report has been released by TierraViva about Human Rights Defenders in Paraguay.

The refugee who took on the British government

For British politicians, foreign aid to Africa has become a cherished emblem of our idealism and generosity. But what happens when our funds harm those they are meant to help? (Rawlence / The Guardian)

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