(6) January 2014

It’s slash and burn for Russia’s Indigenous

Russia’s indigenous people stand up for their land rights in a quarrel with oil companies and raise issues of environmental and economic justice. Could this move other Russians to rethink the real costs of a resource-based economy? (350.org / Global Voices)

Indigenous rights, film and empowerment

An interview with Serge Marti (EcoPost)

India’s Barefoot College lights up the world

In Rajasthan India, local women bring their villages to light. (Source Al Jazeera)

Ecuador: Fear for safety of environmental activists

Urgent Action from Amnesty Intenrational: There are growing concerns for the safety of Carlos Zorrilla, an environmental activist in Ecuador, and others who have protested against development projects in the northern region of Intag. (AI)

Kenya: Sengwer tribe faces eviction in the name of conservation

Some of Kenya’s last hunter-gatherers face eviction from their ancestral forest in the name of ‘conservation’ after a government notice expired on Monday. (Survival International)

For Land and Life: 25 stories of indigenous resilience that you might’ve missed in 2013

With the sheer number of abuses and attacks that Indigenous Peoples face around the world, we don't often come by stories of hope and resilience. Here's a few that you might have missed over the past 12 months. (John Ahni Schertow / Intercontinental Cry)

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