We connect grassroots experiences across continents, sharing stories from the frontline of the social and environmental crises, and inspirational stories and strategies to build skills, hope and resilience.

We share and nurture approaches to long-term visioning and self-determined development.

We produce and share tools for empowerment to support local movements, organisers and facilitators in their awareness-raising and advocacy work with communities.

We support the emergence of the next generation of indigenous leaders, with the calling, critical awareness, skills and love of their culture to defend and look after their territories.

We help create the conditions for leaders and communities to take informed action, and in turn to become catalysts: supporting others to take action; accelerating positive change; growing movements.

About LifeMosaic

LifeMosaic is a Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee (Registered company number: SC300597) and a Charity Registered in Scotland (Scottish Charity number: SC040573)