LifeMosaic has been operating since 2006. During this time, we have:

  • Produced over 40 videos for empowerment and critical education.
  • Trained 1000+ community organisers in the use of media for critical education.
  • Trained 350+ indigenous youth, with the calling, critical awareness, skills and love of their culture to defend and look after their territories.
  • Distributed over 40,000 videos to 1000s of communities in 20+ Countries.
  • Supported hundreds of communities to take action to defend their territories and cultures including protecting over 120,000 hectares of their customary forests.
  • Supported over 300 indigenous partner organisations to develop their movement building capacity.

About LifeMosaic

LifeMosaic is a Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee (Registered company number: SC300597) and a Charity Registered in Scotland (Scottish Charity number: SC040573)