Current Partners

LifeMosaic currently works with around a dozen organisations in 8 countries. These include:

The Autonomous Territorial Government of the Wampis Nation GTANW (Peru)

The Wampis became the first community in Peru to self-declare as an Autonomous Territorial Government (GTA) in 2015. This came about after a 20-year process, begun after a realisation that outside models of governance were not reflecting the community’s millennial traditions and culture. At the heart of the Wampis GTA (GTANW) is the goal of protecting their territories and natural forests. We support the GTANW’s Sharian Leadership School as well as facilitating trainings on territorial defence and self-determined development.

The Autonomous Territorial Government of the Shawi People GAPSH  (Peru)

GAPSH was founded in 2017 and is the representative organisation of all Shawi communities within the ancestral Shawi territories in the Paranapura and Cahuapanas watersheds, covering nearly 1 million hectares. We have been supporting the GAPSH since 2017 with territorial defence workshops and support to the Shawi Leadership School.

The Awajun Autonomous Territorial Government GTAA (Peru)

GTAA was founded in 2021 after many years of talks and discussions between the various Awajun representative organisations, and covers 3 million hectares of land. We are committed to working together to run courses within the Awajun Leadership School. 

Peru Equidad (Peru)

Peru Equidad is a non-profit civil association that defends and promotes human rights and their full compliance, accompanying people and communities affected by their rights. We work with them to support the Shawi, Awajun and Wampis Autonomous Territorial Governments in Peru.

The Coordinadora Regional de Pueblo Indigena CORPI-SL (Peru)

CORPI-SL was created in 1996 by and for the 8 indigenous peoples of the region (Awajun, Shawi, Wampis, Achuar, Shiwilu, Kukama–Kukamiria, Kandozi and Chapra), to represent their interests and ensure the Peruvian government guarantees their rights as indigenous peoples. We work with CORPI to support the Shawi Autonomous Territorial Government.

Center for Indigenous Cultures of Peru CHIRAPAQ (Peru)

CHIRAPAQ is an indigenous association that for 30 years has promoted the affirmation of identity and the recognition of indigenous rights in the exercise of citizenship, with a special commitment to children, youth and indigenous women. Both LifeMosaic and Chirapaq are part of Transformative Pathways, a joint initiative led by indigenous organisations in Peru, Thailand, the Philippines, and supported by a range of Global partners. 

Nia Tero (Northen Amazonia Peru, Surinam, Guyana, Brazil)

Nia Tero is a US-based non-profit working in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples and movements worldwide. LifeMosaic is working with Nia Tero to facilitate a Northen Amazonia Leadership Fellows Program, which was established in 2019 to strengthen emergent leaders from Nia Tero’s place-anchored partnerships who play key roles in managing their collective territories. The program is modeled after Indigenous teaching methods and concepts of leadership, with the goal to enhance leadership development and succession, thereby contributing to local durable support and guardianship of territories.

Mídia Índia (Brazil)

Midia India is a decentralized network of indigenous filmmakers and communicators throughout the vast Brazilian territory that seeks to “occupy networks, demarcate screens and improve technologies to create new strategies of struggle”. LifeMosaic is working with Mídia Índia to film, dub and disseminate our resources to indigenous peoples in Brazil.

Indigenous Information Network IIN (Thailand)

LifeMosaic is working with The Indigenous Information Network to film, dub and disseminate our resources to indigenous peoples in Thailand.

Partners for Indigenous Knowledge Philippines PIKP (Philippines)

LifeMosaic is working with Partners for Indigenous Knowledge Philippines to dub and disseminate our resources to indigenous peoples in the Philippines.

Chepkitale Indigenous People Development Project CIPDP (Kenya)

Inter Mountain Peoples Education and Culture in Thailand Association IMPECT (Thailand)

Pgakenyaw Association for Sustainable Development PASD (Thailand)

Forest Peoples Programme FPP (Global)

AMAN (Indonesia)

BPAN (Indonesia)

Perempuan AMAN (Indonesia)

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