Why we Exist

Humanity is in crisis: causing climate change, mass species extinction, ecosystem destruction, culture and language loss. The crisis is rooted in a dominant story that humans are selfish and separate from nature, and that our well-being rests on exerting power over others. Environmental and cultural destruction accelerates in service to this story, putting humanity’s own future at risk. LifeMosaic believes the story needs to change to avert catastrophe, and that visionary communities are helping to lead this change.

Indigenous peoples are among those worst impacted by the crisis. At the same time, indigenous peoples maintain a large proportion of global biological and cultural diversity. They are the guardians of most of the world’s knowledge systems and practices that offer pathways out of the crisis to a resilient, abundant future.

Communities and movements in the Global North are also questioning the mirage of endless growth, including those in Scotland where we are based. They are growing models for reconnection, resilience, and recovering community that help to change the story.

Sharing and connecting analyses and critiques of the dominant paradigm, as well as approaches to resurgence and renewal can bring powerful, positive impacts. It can enable communities to protect and recover their commons and cultures, and to be better equipped to vision and determine their own futures. Visionary and resilient communities can build a counter-narrative of collaborative societies, built on a story of abundance, generosity and creativity.

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