(3) April 2016

Yerisiam Gua people of Papua face down land grabs and intimidation by palm oil company

The Yerisiam Gua, an indigenous people in Nabire district in Indonesian Papua have filed a complaint with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil against the palm oil developer, PT Nabire Baru, after the company bulldozed the sago palms that provide their staple food (FPP)

Mundemba declaration and statement of solidarity: women, communities say NO to oil palm expansion

A statement of solidarity with the communities of Ndian Division, Southwest Region of Cameroon acknowledging their courage whilst faced with the threat to their land rights from corporate oil palm plantations. (SEFE, RADD, CED, GRAIN and WRM / grain.org)

Dispossessing the Sámi Peoples

Indigenous Sami Leaders and arctic scientists call for urgent help from the international community as the Finnish government are about to pass the new Forestry Act, threatening the last old growth forests of Finnish Lapland and the reindeer herding homeland of the indigenous Sámi Peoples. (Kenrick / Bella Caledonia)

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