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Brazil announces end to Amazon mega-dam building policy

4th Jan 2018
Brazil’s government this week announced a major shift away from its policy of building mega-dams in the Brazilian Amazon (Source: Mongabay)

Rights of indigenous peoples in Peru make a step forward

22nd Nov 2017
After months of struggle, the government in Peru has committed to respecting the rights of indigenous communities affected by oil exploitation. (Source Oxfam Peru)

Philippine palm oil plan ‘equals corruption and land-grabbing,’ critics say

31st Aug 2017
With its renewed promotion of what it calls the “Sunshine Industry,” the Philippine government is looking to cultivate another one million hectares of oil palm, 98 percent of which would be on the island of Mindanao. Critics worry expansion of the country’s palm oil industry will benefit large companies at the expense of small farmers, forests, and water quality. (Miller / Mongabay)

Yerisiam Gua people of Papua face down land grabs and intimidation by palm oil company

29th Apr 2016
The Yerisiam Gua, an indigenous people in Nabire district in Indonesian Papua have filed a complaint with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil against the palm oil developer, PT Nabire Baru, after the company bulldozed the sago palms that provide their staple food (FPP)

Mundemba declaration and statement of solidarity: women, communities say NO to oil palm expansion

15th Apr 2016
A statement of solidarity with the communities of Ndian Division, Southwest Region of Cameroon acknowledging their courage whilst faced with the threat to their land rights from corporate oil palm plantations. (SEFE, RADD, CED, GRAIN and WRM /

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