(6) May 2013

Addressing sustainability and justice in rural Indonesia

Indonesian Constitutional Court, responding to a petition from the National Alliance of Customary Communities (AMAN), declared unconstitutional provisions in the 1999 Forestry Law that denied the rights of customary communities (adat) to their land and forests. (Jakarta Post)

Cutting trees, not traditions

The demand for sustainable timber is colliding with the needs of Central Java farmers (Lagaida / Inside Indonesia)

The great Cambodia land grab

Locals are fighting a losing battle as rubber companies take over their land and, as a report last week reveals, international banks are helping to pay for the plunder. (Bangkok Post)

Indonesia’s tropical forests set to benefit from further clearing ban

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expected to sign extended deal to help restore habitat of tigers and orangutans. (The Guardian)

Guatemala cracks down on anti-mine protests

Guatemala's government declared a state of emergency and banned public gatherings in four townships east of the capital Thursday following several days of violent clashes between police and anti-mining protesters. (AP)

Illegal logging robbing people in Africa of livelihoods – Global Witness

Logging firms secretly given permits for land while communities in DRC, Liberia, Ghana and Cameroon struggle for timber. (The Guardian)

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