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Guatemala: A state of land grabs

11th Mar 2016
Pambana Bassett weaves together the histories of Guatemala and Belize to draw reflections on the current wave of land grabs communities in both countries are experiencing.

Palm Oil Industry Tied to Ecocide in Guatemalan River

6th Jul 2015
The Pasión River in northern Guatemala is a disaster area. Beginning on June 6, residents along the river in the municipality of Sayaxché, Peten, began to find millions of fish, their primary source of food and income, floating dead in the river. (Jeff Abbott /

First Resources the latest palm oil giant to announce zero-deforestation commitment

3rd Jul 2015
Recently, environmental group LinkAR Borneo submitted an RSPO complaint against a First Resources subsidiary in Ketapang for grabbing land from indigenous communities and illegally clearing land outside its permit area. (Philip Jacobson /

Indonesia: President Jokowi extends the moratorium and announces a 4.6 million hectare land grab

20th May 2015
Last week, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo agreed to extend the country’s moratorium on new forestry concessions. Also last week, Jokowi visited Papua and relaunched the disastrous Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE). (Chris Lang /

Local land rights may be in danger from push for palm oil in Liberia

12th Mar 2015
The rights of local and indigenous peoples aren’t being adequately protected in the drive for economic development, according to a report published in February by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), a coalition of forest-oriented organizations. (John C. Cannon /

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