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Indigenous communities demand forest rights, blame land grabs for failure to curb deforestation

25th Mar 2014
Indigenous and forest-dependent peoples from Asia, Africa and Latin America have called for increased recognition of customary land rights in order to curb deforestation and ensure the survival of their communities. (Diana Parker / Mongabay)

Indonesian sugar company poised to destroy half of island paradise’s forests

14th Mar 2014
An Indonesian plantation company may be preparing to destroy up to half of the natural forests on Indonesia's remote Aru Islands, reports Forest Watch Indonesia. (R Butler / Mongabay)

For Land and Life: 25 stories of indigenous resilience that you might’ve missed in 2013

6th Jan 2014
With the sheer number of abuses and attacks that Indigenous Peoples face around the world, we don't often come by stories of hope and resilience. Here's a few that you might have missed over the past 12 months. (John Ahni Schertow / Intercontinental Cry)

A move to blend culture with maps to save vanishing forests

13th Oct 2013
In Indonesia and around the world there's a movement afoot to blend map-making with cultural knowledge to help people without formal land title hang on to what's left of their homes. (Christian Science Monitor)

Honduras grants land to indigenous group, in bid to help it protect forests

13th Sep 2013
The Honduran government has granted more than 7 percent of its territory to the indigenous Miskito communities who live on the land, an initiative intended to help them protect their forests. (New York Times)

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