Facing Extinction, Defending Life (ENGLISH)

This film has been a co-creation between LifeMosaic, and many indigenous leaders, filmmakers and advisors from Africa, Asia,  Latin America, and Polynesia. 

It tells the story of the threats to biodiversity, the climate emergency, and the rapid destruction of cultural diversity: an interconnected story of loss which is threatening human existence on the planet. 

We hear from indigenous leaders around the world who are taking action and developing indigenous-led solutions to these crises. It is a call to all to seek pathways towards a resilient, abundant future, and to inspire collective action to defend life on earth.

The film is designed for an indigenous audience, and as a vital tool for overstretched and under resourced community facilitators, educators and movement builders. 

It is hoped that equipped with this information, communities will be better placed to relate to the global context of maintaining, sustaining and promoting their diverse and resilient cultures and territories.

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Land Grabs and Land Rights

The Territories of Life toolkit is a series of 10 short videos that share stories of resistance, resilience and hope with communities on the front-line of the global rush for land. These videos, available in English, Spanish, French, Indonesian and Swalhili and are currently being disseminated widely by community facilitators.

Indigenous Education

We support the propagation of education that is developed in indigenous territories; rooted in the knowledge systems and practices of the ancestors; and helping communities address the challenges of today.

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Menghadapi Kepunahan, Mempertahankan Kehidupan (BAHASA)

24th May 2023
Ia berkisah tentang ancaman terhadap keanekaragaman hayati, darurat iklim, dan penghancuran keragaman budaya yang cepat: kisah yang saling terhubung tentang kehilangan yang mengancam keberadaan manusia di bumi ini.

Tuitunze Asili, Kutetea Maisha (Swahili)

23rd May 2023
Tuitunze Asili, Kutetea Maisha (Swahili)

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