Teritories of Life Launch, Kenya

Participants at the 3-day Training, Kenya June 2016 (Photo LifeMosaic)

In June 2016, LifeMosaic launched the Territories of Life toolkit in Kenya. In partnership with NGOs Kivulini Trust and The Waso Trustland Project a 3-day training was carried out, with the attendance of 43 participants representing 10 tribal groups and 29 organisations from Marsabit and Isiolo counties. They included community leaders, land rights activists, women’s rights activists, youth groups and representatives from forest associations, all facing threats to their cultures and territories.

Throughout the training LifeMosaic used a variety of techniques to explore the question - 'How can we deepen our ability to defend our cultures and territories?' Each area of discussion was complimented with a screening and deepened through practical, participatory exercises to bring the topics into the local context. 

Marsabit, Northern Kenya: Community members using Theatre of the Oppressed  to explore strategies to counter corruption and intimidation.

Marsabit, Northern Kenya: Community members using Theatre of the Oppressed to explore strategies to counter corruption and intimidation (Photo LifeMosaic)

Feedback from the participants include:

“We always wait for the government to sort out our problems, but they don't do it. We also rely on NGOs and outside funders to make things happen, some communities are being paid to help themselves. It was very inspiring to see communities in these films making solutions for themselves. This is new for us.” Liban, Waso Trustland Project, Kenya

 “When we started to look at benefits from dry lands, our group was negative and said dry lands give very little. But as we explored more, the conversation became very big and we realised the dry lands are bountiful also. This helps to motivate us to protect our territory.” Abdi Adan Haga, Marsabit, Kenya.

As a result of the trainings many civil society groups are using the Territories of Life videos in their work (including Kivulini, Waso Trustland Project, TPCF and NGOnet). They have reported deepened relationships between partner organisations and communities and increased skills and confidence in their facilitation skills. Since initial trainings in Kenya groups have continued to use theatre, and other participatory approaches in their community empowerment work.

“This is one of the best ways to pass on information that I have come across. It makes people understand the importance of our territories and most importantly how to protect them from the threats that we are facing. I aim to show the videos and use the discussion techniques that we learnt, in the villages that I am connected with.” Daniel Emojo, Marsabit.

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The Territories of Life toolkit is a series of 10 short videos that share stories of resistance, resilience and hope with communities on the front-line of the global rush for land. These videos, available in English, Spanish, French, Indonesian and Swalhili and are currently being disseminated widely by community facilitators.

Toolkits for Empowerment

We produce and disseminate videos, manuals, and other tools to build the capacity of local organisers; and empower communities to make informed decisions about their futures and campaign effectively to defend their rights and shape their destinies.

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