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Job Title : Programme Officer - Supporting indigenous movements in Indonesia

LifeMosaic is looking for a Programme Officer to support indigenous movements in Indonesia. This is a one-year contract (with possible extension) with an initial 3-month trial period. This post will be based in Jakarta or Bogor. This is a unique opportunity to join a small and dedicated team, working with partners across Indonesia, supporting local communities, partners and facilitators to empower indigenous communities by using popular education resources and approaches.

The role will include:

  • Carrying out consultations, planning, budgeting and logistics for trainings, workshops, skillshares, educational resources launches and other events.
  • Facilitating workshops and trainings with indigenous youth, communities, and partner organisations using popular education approaches.
  • Keeping accurate records of all activities, developing reports and monitoring and evaluating activities.
  • Supporting, mentoring and training LifeMosaic’s local partner organisations in strategic planning, shared activities and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Supporting, mentoring and training LifeMosaic’s partner communities in their visioning and community-led development.
  • Maintaining and developing strong relationships with LifeMosaic’s partners and networks across Indonesia and beyond.
  • Planning and carrying out strategic dissemination of LifeMosaic’s videos and other resources from the grassroots and nationally.
  • Supporting the development of new resources for community empowerment through research and consultation with partners and other relevant actors.
  • Participating in and facilitating key opportunities at district, provincial and national levels.

Essential experience and skills

  • Excellent facilitation and training of trainer skills.
  • Good knowledge of issues and networks relating to indigenous peoples’ rights, land rights, and forests (minimum 4 years of experience desirable).
  • Extensive grassroots experience and ability to work from grassroots to national.
  • Highly organised and capable of carryout complex logistics.
  • A high level of honesty and the ability to develop and manage budgets.
  • A commitment to LifeMosaic's work and values.
  • Ability to travel frequently within Indonesia and potentially occasionally outside Indonesia.
  • Resourceful and able to work independently. Ability to work with a long-distance team.
  • Fluent Indonesian language and the ability and permits to work in Indonesia.


  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English would be a strong advantage.
  • Education: Minimum undergraduate degree (S1) in relevant degree.


Deadline for applications – 16th September 2019. Sent to

Interview date – 1st October 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Application Form

To apply, please send the answers to ALL of the questions below and send with your CV to by 16th September 2019

Please answer all questions within the specified word count.

Job Title : Programme Officer - Supporting Indigenous Movements in Indonesia




Email / Skype:

Describe your experience working on issues relating to indigenous peoples’ rights, land rights, forests. (maximum 200 words)

Describe your experience in project planning and implementation including your organisational skills. (maximum 150 words)

Describe your networks within the Indonesian and international indigenous peoples’ rights, land rights, and forests movements. (maximum 150 words)

Please describe your experience in facilitation and training of trainers (maximum 200 words)

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Present employment: (maximum 50 words)

Relevant education:

Languages (include level of proficiency):

Past salary history:

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When would you be available to start working in this post?

If selected, are you available for interview on the 1st October 2019

Please send your completed application and your CV to


About LifeMosaic

LifeMosaic supports communities and movements to protect their rights, commons and cultures and to vision and determine their own futures. We work with indigenous peoples in South-East Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Toolkits for Empowerment:We produce and disseminate videos, manuals, and other tools to support local organisers to build their capacity; empower communities to make informed decisions about their futures; and campaign effectively to defend their rights and shape their destinies.

Next Generation Leadership: We create and deliver trainings for youth, focused on awakening their calling to defend their territories and providing them with the skills to facilitate movement building in their own communities and based on their own cultures.

Self-determined development:We promote, share and pilot approaches for communities to vision, plan and determine their futures.

Indigenous Education:We support the propagation of education that is developed in indigenous territories; rooted in the knowledge systems and practices of the ancestors; and that helps communities address the challenges of today.

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