Chapter 1 Context and Challenges from Grassroots Leadership and Popular Education in Indonesia

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LifeMosaic and The Samdhana Institute are serialising a new book: Grassroots Leadership and Popular Education in Indonesia. This month, Chapter 1: Context and Challenges provides an overview of the unprecedented challenges faced by communities, social movements and ecosystems in Indonesia and around the world. These include:

• A global rush for increasingly scarce resources; the risks of breaching multiple planetary boundaries which have enabled human life on Earth; increasing inequality; and an enormous loss of biological and cultural diversity.
• An Indonesian context where progress for community rights is being held back by large-scale land acquisition and growing agrarian conflict.
• Top-down models for social or environmental transformation, critiqued by interviewees and workshop participants in the course of this research.
• The influence of the doctrine that states that There is No Alternative to neo-liberal economics and globalisation.

Yet this chapter ends on a positive note, showing how, despite such challenges, there are alternatives that are being created around the world.

Chapter 1: Context and Challenges

The Introduction and Summary to the book has already been published here. Chapter 2: Leadership in Crisis will be published in April 2015. The rest of the book will be serialised throughout 2015 . The full version of the book will be published after the serialisation. Please subscribe to to receive the next chapters.

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