News - Forests and Climate Change

Brazil’s giant dams risk destroying heart of the Amazon, says Greenpeace

15th Jun 2016
Construction of 40 dams in the Tapajós river basin would severely affect indigenous people and is not justifiable economically, says new report (Vidal / The Guardian)

How communities are shaping their world (Source 73)

20th May 2016
This article tells the story of the Raja Ampat Homestay Association – a community organisation located in the Dampier Strait off the western tip of New Guinea, in Indonesia.

Dispossessing the Sámi Peoples

1st Apr 2016
Indigenous Sami Leaders and arctic scientists call for urgent help from the international community as the Finnish government are about to pass the new Forestry Act, threatening the last old growth forests of Finnish Lapland and the reindeer herding homeland of the indigenous Sámi Peoples. (Kenrick / Bella Caledonia)

“Slash and burn” works, given time and space

17th Feb 2016
If managed well, swidden farming in Borneo can provide vital ecosystem services and protect biodiversity, study says (O'Connell & Pearl / CIFOR)

‘Recognizing our rights to live in our forests is part of the solution to climate change’

11th Dec 2015
Justin Kenrick meets with Sengwer community’s Yator Kiptum and Milka Chepkorir about the meaning of climate justice (New Internationalist).

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