Paper producer to stop clearing of Indonesian forests

Acacia plantation in North Sumatra, Indonesia (Photo: LifeMosaic)

JAKARTA — Asia Pulp and Paper, one of the largest pulp and paper producers in the world, said on Tuesday that it had stopped clearing natural forests across its supply chains in Indonesia, accelerating an earlier commitment to do so by 2015.
The announcement comes as companies that rely on forests face increasing pressure from buyers to improve their environmental standards while financing aggressive demand-driven expansions. It also is just months before a two-year moratorium on new forest concessions mandated by the Indonesian government ends in May.

Environmental advisers say the about-face by a company with a history of poor corporate and environmental management could have wider implications for Indonesia’s main exporting industries, palm oil and mining.

Read full article in the New York Times

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LifeMosaic has produced and distributed a series of films about industrial timber plantations in Indonesia. The films focus on how these plantations impact on the local economies, lives and land rights of the communities living on or near them.

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