Land dispute parties, govt to sit together

Forest destruction in Pandumaan-Sipituhuta. (Photo: LifeMosaic)

The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) will hold a mediation meeting where community representatives, companies and government institutions will sit together to hear testimonies about customary land disputes in Sumatra.

The event, called the National Inquiry forum, is scheduled to be held from Tuesday through Friday this week and will discuss six customary land dispute cases on the island.

The six cases involve traditional communities in Pandumaan and Sipituhuta villages in North Sumatra, Margo Semende Nasal community in Bengkulu, Talang Mamak community in Riau, Margo Bathin Bahar community in Jambi, Mukim Lango community in Aceh and Marga Belimbing community in Lampung.

Read this article in full in The Jakarta Post.

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