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“Slash and burn” works, given time and space

17th Feb 2016
If managed well, swidden farming in Borneo can provide vital ecosystem services and protect biodiversity, study says (O'Connell & Pearl / CIFOR)

Land Grabbing: “Big, big problem”

29th Jan 2016
Chris Lang reports on the new documentary film Land Grabbing from Director Kurt Langbein. “If Addax won’t help us drill a well, they’re going to kill us,” Serie says. He accuses Addax of mixing chemicals into the water sprayed onto the sugar cane. “Our animals died from eating weeds near the sugar cane fields,” he says. In the rainy season, the chemicals are washing into the river. “This is a major problem for us. Big, big problem.”

Upcoming Asia Pulp & Paper pulp mill ‘will guzzle timber’

8th Oct 2015
Singapore-based Asia Pulp & Paper is building one of the world's largest pulp mills in South Sumatra province, which it says will boost Indonesia's economy and also showcase its commitment to environmentally friendly policies. But NGOs fear the mill will lead to more deforestation and cause more fires (David Fogarty / The Straits Times).

Honduras’ Garifuna communities resist eviction and theft of land

4th Aug 2015
Along the Atlantic coast of Honduras, Garifuna communities are organizing to resist evictions and the dispossession of their territories by mega-tourism projects, narco-traffickers and the expansion of agricultural plantations (Jeff Abbott /

Indonesia: President Jokowi extends the moratorium and announces a 4.6 million hectare land grab

20th May 2015
Last week, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo agreed to extend the country’s moratorium on new forestry concessions. Also last week, Jokowi visited Papua and relaunched the disastrous Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE). (Chris Lang /

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