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Philippines: oil palm expansion is tearing apart indigenous peoples lives - call for urgent action

27th Mar 2013
The Philippine Government has depicted oil palm as the “tree of economic growth”. However, according the impacted indigenous communities, oil palm expansion is bringing havoc to their lives. (Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources)

Indigenous cultures in Colombia at risk of extinction

27th Mar 2013
65 of 102 indigenous cultures caught in an expanding armed conflict zone in Western Colombia are at risk of cultural extinction. (Media Freedom International)

Gender relations are changing along with climate

25th Mar 2013
A changing climate will inevitably have an impact on gender relations in rural communities, but not enough is being done to boost the resilience of women. (IRIN)

Indigenous women fight climate change

15th Mar 2013
Ancestral knowledge and wisdom are applied to confront changes to farming calendars. (Latinamerican Press)

A helpful education for life

1st Mar 2013
Teachers develop proposals for intercultural curriculum. (Latinamerican Press)

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