News - Livelihoods and Culture

World Bank Ignores Land Grabbing

6th Apr 2017
Sales of huge land areas of Ethiopia, by the Ethiopian government, to foreign investors, have led to starvation and forced displacement. (Flood /

Food from Brazil’s Amazon finds its way to metropolitan tables

2nd Jan 2017
From small eateries to Michelin-star restaurants, food establishments are increasingly sourcing ingredients from the Brazilian Amazonian rainforest. (By Carolina Torres for Mongabay)

The Forest on their Plates

25th Sep 2016
Tribal women from Odisha fought to throw out white rice and soy nuggets and bring millets and seeds back into their diet. (Source: The Hindu Times)

‘It feels like a gift’: mobile phone co-op transforms rural Mexican community

15th Aug 2016
In indigenous communities like Nuyoó, where almost every family has members who have migrated for work, low-cost phone calls are seen as an essential service (Source: The Guardian)

Café of R ’ S Recycled, Repurposed, Reinvented

7th Aug 2016
A social enterprise cafe called Advocafé in Manila, the Philippines.

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