BOOKING NOW - Residential Training and Skillshare in Scotland on the Plan de Vida (Life Plan)

An Tearman House, Isle of Bute - Location of residential training on Plan de Vida 4th-7th May 2018

4-7 May 2018 at An Tearman, Isle of Bute

LifeMosaic and the Centre for Human Ecology will host a residential training on Plan de Vida (Life Plan), an exceptional approach for communities to re-envision and take control of their futures, first developed by the Misak indigenous people of Colombia. The training will be facilitated by Misak leaders Jeremias Tunubalá Ullune, and Liliana Pechene Muelas, with support from both hosting organisations. We will think, share meals and spend time together in the beautiful house and grounds of An Tearman. This training is part of a tour of several events in Scotland during April and May 2018

Jeremias Tunubalá Ullune facilitating a training in Govan Glasgow in 2016

Learning from the approach: How has the Life Plan helped the Misak and hundreds of other indigenous peoples revive their cultural memory, deepen their collective consciousness, and strengthen their selfdetermination. In a Life Plan each community needs to define: What do we consider beautiful and meaningful? What is our vision of the future? What skills do we need to (re)gain control? How do we recover our commons and our cultures? How do we tell a story of abundance, creativity, inclusivity and generosity? What institutions, agreements, and policies do we need to put into place that bring this about? The training will cover steps and practices that go into developing a Life Plan.

In the skillshare we will plan what steps are needed to facilitate a Life Plan in our own community contexts. We will reflect on what is already happening in Scotland and how we can build on these experiences. What opportunities do we have? What is holding us back? Where do the challenges lie in adapting approaches from different cultural contexts? We will develop a declaration of intent, and take first steps to develop a community of practice to take this reflection forward.

We will collaboratively inquire into the following questions:

  • How do we take stock and raise awareness of current materialistic and individualistic development patterns, where communities are increasingly losing their power to corporations and centralising governments?
  • How do we build a reality that is based on a more collective, collaborative and interconnected vision of development?
  • How do we reconnect with our collective memories, cultures and identities and with the human ecology of the land?
  • How can those who have been here for centuries and those who are newly arrived all deepen our connections to land and place, our love of the world?
  • How do we tell a story of connection to place and community that is abundant, creative, inclusive and generous?
  • How do we move from engagement, co-creation and consultation to community-led visioning and planning?
  • How can young people play more of a role, rooted in their communities’ stories?
  • How can Scottish communities determine their own destinies?

The residential will start on 11.30am, Friday 4th May and finish at 1pm, Monday 7th May.

Who are we inviting?
The residential is aimed at practitioners and activists working on community self-determination, such as bringing land back into community ownership, local food growing and food justice, community health, holistic grassroots community development, rethinking and restoring memory and culture, developing local currencies and transport systems, and reconnecting people and nature etc.

Costs for the 3-day residential including food and accommodation:

  • £105 Full Price
  • £60 Low Waged / Concession
  • £150 Solidarity Price (to support bursaries, overheads, etc)

We aim to make the residential as affordable as possible. We will have one or two bursary spaces available, so if you feel that costs are a major barrier for you, please specify on your application that you are applying for a bursary. If you wish to support a bursary and concessions, please opt for the Solidarity Price.

How do I get a space?
Spaces are limited. If you are interested in coming, please write a page (no more than A4) with your name, contact details, a paragraph or two (or a short video) explaining why you would like to come, what you would bring to this event, and how you might put new learning into practice when you leave. Please include whether you’re applying for Full Price, Low Waged/ Concession, Solidarity Price or a bursary. There is no need to say why; we expect applicants to honestly reflect how much they can afford to pay while considering that there are significant costs involved in running a residential.

Email your application to:

Please send us your application asap. We aim to get back to successful applicants within two days and will then send out further details about payment methods and logistics.

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Other events during the Plan de Vida Scotland tour include:

Tues 24th – Wed 25th April, Isle of Mull, with North-West Mull Community Woodland Company: A series of events to learn from and reflect on the Misak experiences in the context of Mull’s history of clearances and loss, but also at a time when community ownership can bring economic, social and environmental benefits for Ulva, North West Mull, and beyond.

Fri 27th– Sat 28th April, Isle of Eigg, with the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust: Last year Eigg celebrated the 20th anniversary of their community buy-out. This visit will be an exchange sharing the experience of those 20 years, and the Misak experience of regaining their rights, culture and territory.

Wed 2nd May, Camuscross, Isle of Skye with Camuscross and Duisdale Initiative: A workshop on community-led development and an evening Ceilidh.

Thurs 3rd May - Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Isle of Skye: Exchanging experiences on cultural revitalisation and the importance of mother tongue language and culture in community-led development.

Fri 4th- Sun 7th  May - An Tearman, Isle of Bute, with Centre for Human Ecology: a 3-day in depth residential workshop on Plan de Vida for practitioners and activists.

Tues 8th May, Edinburgh, with Mark Ruskell MSP: an evening at the Scottish Parliament about the Misak Plan de Vida, an exceptional indigenous approach to community visioning and planning.

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