Groups in Tanzania

Tanzania is estimated to have a total of 125 – 130 ethnic groups, falling mainly into the four categories of Bantu, Cushite, Nilo-Hamite and San. While there may be more ethnic groups that identify themselves as indigenous peoples, four groups have been organising themselves and their struggles around the concept and movement of indigenous peoples.The four groups are the hunter-gatherer Akie and Hadzabe, and the pastoralist Barabaig and Maasai.

Ngorongoro NGOs Network (NGONET)

NGOnet is a network of community based organisations in the Ngorongoro district of Northern Tanzania. They have a legal mandate to coordinate efforts for socio-economic efforts for the indigenous Maasai people as well as to link their efforts with the global indigenous peoples movement. Their focus is on the relationships of indigenous peoples and natural resources and on their traditional conservation approaches.
NGOnet was LifeMosaic's key partner for the filming in the Loliondo area of Tanzania for 'Territories of Life' - Land Rights and Land Grabs project, and sole partner for Women Champions of Buffalo River.

Tanzania Pastoralist Community Forum (TPCF)

TPCF works to advance pastoralist/livestock keepers legal rights in Tanzania. They work towards the development of a pastoralist society that enjoys its legal rights in Tanzania.

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