Groups in Colombia

The National Statistics Department puts Colombia’s indigenous population at 1,500,000 inhabitants or 3.4% of the national population. The Andean zone and Guajira are home to 80% of this population. Almost a third of the national territory is made up of indigenous reserves, a large proportion of them in conflict with oil and mining companies, banana and oil palm plantations, loggers, livestock rearing and illicit crops.

LifeMosaic have worked closely with the Cabildo Misak people in the development of our most recent resources, in particular in the sharing of their Plan de Vida development model.

Cabildo Misak

The Misak are an indigenous people whose territory is in Cauca, high in the Andes mountains in Colombia. During Spanish colonial rule, they lost large parts of their territory, but in the 1980s they started a process of reclaiming their land. Eventually they gained formally recognised land rights.

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Centre for Investigation and Popular Education (CINEP)

CINEP, with 40 years of experience working in Colombia, works for a more equitable and just society, using popular education to promotion of comprehensive and sustainable development.  We are collaborating with CINEP to bring workshops using the Territories of Life toolkit to communities in La Guajira.

Conciencia Campesina

Conciencia Campesina represents the interests of small scale farmers in Tolima, and are actively using the Territories of Life toolkit in their struggle to stop the La Colosa gold mine in their region.

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