Groups in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Melanesia has over 840 distinct languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea, around a quarter of the world’s stock, reflecting enormous regional and local cultural divisions. Many communities continue to live on subsistence agriculture in the isolated mountainous interior, although the presence of natural resources such as forests and mineral reserves in some indigenous areas has resulted in land grabbing, environmental devastation and other abuses.


ACT NOW! is a community advocacy organisation that assists people to make their voices heard in relation to matters of national importance so together we can build a better Papua New Guinea

Bismarck Ramu Group

Bismarck Ramu Group works with local communities throughout Papua New Guinea. BRG aims to ensure indigenous people are well informed and empowered to take control over their land and resources and be the master of their own destiny.


FORCERT is a local not-for-profit service company in Papua New Guinea, supporting village communities in their sustainable forest management. Interested communities are assisted to do their own sustainable land use and village development planning. These village communities, often consisting of a number of clans, organize themselves in a business group or cooperative to run their forest management company.

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