Groups in Peru

The indigenous peoples of Peru comprise 45% of the total population, with the majority living in the Andes, while the small number of Amazonians are from more than 60 separate nations.

CARE (Central Asháninka Del Río Ene)

CARE (Central Asháninka Del Río Ene) Peru is the main indigenous federation in Peru's Rio Ene Valley. CARE is structured as a federation representing 17 Asháninka communities, each with their communal land titles, and 33 annexes who will directly benefit from the project. CARE used ‘Fever’ as an educational tool.

Alianza Arkana

Alianza Arkana is a grassroots alliance regenerating the Peruvian Amazon by supporting its indigenous people and their traditions.  They are currently planning a number of workshops in the Ucuyali region using the Territories of Life toolkit.

Red Muqui

Red Muqui is a collective of organisations that support Andean communities in Peru in their struggle to protect their water sources from large scale mining developments.  All 29 of the organisations that make up Red Muqui have copies of Territories of Life for use across the Andean region.

Peru Equidad

Peru Equidad promotes equal rights and justice for Peru’s minority communities.  We are currently partnering with Peru Equidad to bring the Territories of Life toolkit to indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon.

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