Groups in Paraguay

There are approximately 112,848 indigenous people living in Paraguay, belonging to 19 peoples from five different linguistic families: Guaraní (Aché, Avá Guaraní, Mbya, Pai Tavytera, Guaraní Ñandeva, Guaraní Occidental), Maskoy (Toba Maskoy, Enlhet Norte, Enxet Sur, Sanapaná,Angaité, Guaná), Mataco Mataguayo (Nivaclé, Maká, Manjui), Zamuco (Ayoreo, Yvytoso, Tomáraho) and Guaicurú (Qom)


TierraViva work to promote and defend the human rights of indigenous communities in the Western Chacho region.  We collaborated with TierraViva in the production of the Territories of Life toolkit, who are now also using the tools in their work.

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