Groups in Suriname

In Suriname we work with the Wayana people, through the Mulokot Foundation.

The Wayana occupy a large area in the northern Amazon Region, which now covers Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil. In Suriname, the Wayana live and lived on the shores of the Lawa, Litani, Oelemari, and upperTapanahoni Rivers. They arrived here from Brazil around the mid-18th century and only settled in Apetina (Puleowime), Palumeu and Kawemhakan (Anapaike) at a time that the Ndyuka and Aluku Maroons had already settled along respectively the Tapanahoni and Lawa Rivers.

Mulokot Foundation

The Mulokot Foundation is part of our 1 year Amazonian Fellowship , training traditional leaders, youth and women from Suriname, Guyana and Ecuador. The programme is developed in partnership with Nia Tero.

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