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  • LifeMosaic work to support the propagation of education that is developed in indigenous territories; rooted in the knowledge systems and practices of the ancestors; and helping communities address the challenges of today. We have done this through exchanges and skillshares, producing tools, mentoring pioneers, and supporting movements to develop their criteria for implementation.

    In March 2016 LifeMosaic facilitated an Indonesian indigenous education retreat, bringing together indigenous educators from 8 indigenous education initiatives set up by alumni of the 2015 month-long Next Generation training, as well as from an Indonesian landless farmer school and indigenous schools in the Philippines. We also produced a video on the Indigenous Education retreat and we are currently preparing to produce a series of short case study films on indigenous education.

  • Back to the Village: Indigenous Education in Indonesia

    Back to the Village: Indigenous Education in Indonesia

    This film documents the gathering of indigenous educators from across Indonesia and the Philippines in Kaseputan Ciptegalar, West Java. They discussed the problems: “The existing education system teaches ‘ilmu pergi’ - the science of leaving.” (Sarno Maulana, Pasawahan school, West Java). And they developed a vision of the future: "It is important for us to start our own education - our indigenous education. So we are the ones who determine its methods, we are the ones who determine its contents, and all of this within our territory.” (Jhontoni Tarihoran, BPAN)

    Running Time: 0:07:40

  • Indigenous Education News

    1,000 Ata Manobo kids fail to enroll after DepEd closed IP school

    DepEd closes NGO-run school on accusations that it teaches the communist ideology and is strongly supported by the New People’s Army. (Philippines News Agency /

    A helpful education for life

    Teachers develop proposals for intercultural curriculum. (Latinamerican Press)

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