Land Grabs

  • What is Land Grabs about?

    Indigenous communities around the world are seeing their lands threatened by the extractive and agro-industries, by conservation schemes and by tourism developments.  This video looks into the scale, drivers, and impacts of the global rush for land. In this video we hear from indigenous peoples from Asia, Latin America and Africa who have first hand experience of the impacts of land grabs. 

    Why screen 'Land Grabs'?

    This video should be screened in communities where plantations, mining or other large scale developments are happening or could happen in future. It can also be screened to government officials, in universities and to the general public to raise awareness of land grabbing.

    What to watch next?

    Company Tactics' or 'Benefits of Territory'.

    Length of video



    Where are the communities in this video from?

    Guarani, Enxet – Paraguay - Soy Plantations
    Secoya – Ecuador - Oil Drilling
    Misak – Colombia
    Maasai – Tanzania - Conservation and Tourism
    Nguti and Mundemba – Cameroon - Oil Palm Plantations

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