Vision of the Jaguar - Territories of Life

The story of 20 indigenous youth from the Colombian Amazon coming together to discuss how to defend their territory at this time.

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    What is 'Vision of the Jaguar' about?

    This is a story of 20 indigenous youth from the Yaigoje Apoparis reserve in the Colombian Amazon. The youth take part in a training to learn about their culture and explore how to get involved in defending their territory from a gold-mining corporation .

    Length of Video

    12 minutes.

    Suggestions for Discussion Questions after community screenings

    • What are the benefits /  concerns of the communities' youth leaving the village and moving to the cities?
    • In what ways do the youth in your community take part in issues of defending territory?
    • What are the barriers to youth involvement in leadership in the community and how can these be overcome?
    • What is the impact of Western ideas and culture on your community?
    • What can you do as a community to ensure your culture is strengthened in the face of strong outside forces?
    • How do young people become adults or leaders (ceremonies, rites of passage) in the community? Are these moments of transformation still practiced?

    Suggestions for Follow-up Activities after community screenings

    • Set up a youth training event, or a rite of passage from youth to adulthood.
    • Organise dialogues between elders and youth to understand how the wisdom of the elders and the vigour of the youth can work together to protect the territory.
    • Plan what your community can do to ensure there are opportunities for the youth in the village.

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