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Exploitation and empty promises: Wilmar’s Nigerian landgrab

This document uses first-person testimonies, satellite maps, and Wilmar’s own filings with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil to demonstrate that the company failed to gain the Free, Prior and Informed Consent of communities directly affected by its operations; failed to produce adequate Environmental and Social Impact Assessments; and failed to live up to promises of infrastructure development and benefit sharing, despite these promises being a primary incentive for local communities to allow the company to operate in Cross River State. (, 2015)

The Great Land Heist

Over recent years, a global land rush has resulted in a massive rise in the number of people in developing countries being evicted or denied access to their own land – sometimes in violent confrontation with the authorities – as big business moves in. . Offered little in the way of compensation or alternative livelihoods, millions are being forced into increased poverty, hunger and dispossession. (ActionAid, 2014)

Opening Pandora’s Box

Mining, oil and gas: the impact of these extractive industries has always raised serious social and environmental concerns. However, this report signals a wake-up call to the fact that, today, the scale, expansion and acceleration of these industries are far greater than most of us realise. We are no longer talking about isolated pockets of destruction and pollution. Nowadays, chances are that, no matter where you live on Earth, land acquisitions for mining, oil and gas might soon be at your door. This trend is now a major driver of land grabbing globally, and poses a significant threat to the world’s indigenous communities, farmers and local food production systems, as well as to precious water, forests, biodiversity, critical ecosystems and climate change. (The Gaia Foundation, 2012)

Caught in the Crossfire

A report by ABColombia on the situation of Colombia's indigenous peoples in light of the country's ongoing armed conflict, as well as peaceful resistance and self-protection undertaken by the communities. (ABColombia, 2011)

Handbook on Community Engagement

A ‘good practice’ guide to negotiating lease agreements with landowning communities in South Sudan, which also makes a usuful read for communities elswhere (South Sudan Law Society, 2011 )

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