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Loosing the Serengeti

Report by the Oakland Institute which outline the land conflict in Loliondo, Tanzania where hundreds of Maasai homes have been burned and tens of thousands of people driven from ancestral land in Loliondo in the Ngorongoro district in recent years to benefit high-end tourists and a Middle Eastern royal family.

Indigenous Peoples, Self-Determined Development and Sustainable Livelihoods

A scoping study by Forest Peoples Programme on specialist organisations and people working on indigenous peoples’ sustainable livelihoods and self-determined development. (By FPP)

Fever - Facilitators Guide

This guide is for community leaders and facilitators who are using Fever the video series about indigenous peoples and climate change. The guide covers all 4 videos and offers example discussion questions, additional facts and resources and examples of follow up planning, action and activities to be carried out with communities.

Territories of Life - Facilitators Guide

This booklet is for community facilitators who are using the Territories of Life Video series. The booklet covers information about each video in the series as well as tips on hosting screenings, discussions and action planning sessions with communities.

HerStory of Empowerment, Leadership and Justice

HerStory of Empowerment, Leadership and Justice is a result of the tireless dedication of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)'s partners from indigenous communities in the Philippines, Northeast India, Mainland India, and Nepal. This publication is a reflection of the hard work of everyone involved in the Empowering Indigenous Women in Traditional Customary Institutions project, especially the women in the communities AIPP have been engaging with over the past three years. Here, 18 of these women have bravely shared their stories to empower and promote the solidarity of all indigenous women (AIPP, 2014).

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