Investigating Illegal Timber

A Guidebook for Activitists and Communities: intended to help civil society identify illegal wood, track illegal timber to EU and US markets, and submit evidence to relevant authorities. Drawing on case studies from around the world, the guidebook summarises the state-of-the-art tools, methods and technologies for carrying out independent investigations into the legality of logging, trading, export and for tracking illegally sourced wood through complex supply chains to end markets. The guidebook is split into three sections. Chapter 1: Illegal Logging, Related Trade and the Response of Consumer Countries. This is an overview of the US and EU laws that have been enacted as a response to illegal logging. Chapter 2: How to Detect and Document Illegal Logging and Associated Trade and Follow Supply Chains, outlines how illegality functions in the sector and how individuals and organisations may investigate at various stages of the supply chain. Chapter 3: Using the Evidence, explains how information obtained during investigations can be used to support implementation of the law, improve policies and close the market to illegal timber. (Earthsight, 2016)

Mining. When is Enough, Enough?

To accompany the film, In Defence of Life, Gaia and partners have launched a new briefing, Mining: Enough is Enough. This document begins to challenge mining industry claims that the mass extraction of new mineral deposits is necessary to meet material need and ensure the 'development' of people and nations.

Mundemba declaration and statement of solidarity: women, communities say NO to oil palm expansion

Statement of solidarity with the communities of Ndian Division, Southwest Region of Cameroon

Himaya za Maisha - Kijitabu kwa Mwezeshaji

Kijitabu kwa Mwezeshaji - Kuhusu Himaya za Maisha; Fanya Onyesho; Maelezo kuhusu filamu; Maelezo ya Ziada

Common Ground: Securing land rights and safeguarding the earth

Secure community land rights are the source of food, medicines and construction materials, as well as wealth, welfare, culture, identity, community cohesion and spirituality for up to 2.5 billion people. Land grabs are fuelling conflicts in dozens of countries – conflicts in which communities who assert their rights are frequently subject to violence and the assassination of their leaders. This is unjust and this report explores why it matters to everyone.

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