Wild Money

The Human Rights Consequences of Illegal Logging and Corruption in Indonesia’s Forestry Sector (Human Rights Watch, 2009)

Losing Ground

The human rights impacts of oil palm expansion in Indonesia. This report shows how Indonesian government policies and palm oil industry practices are harming the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. (Sawit Watch / Friends of the Earth / LifeMosaic, 2008)

Rights-based rainforest protection

In this report, Rainforest Foundation Norway shows how a rights-based approach is both the most effective way to protect the rainforest, as well as the best way to avoid that forest protection leads to human rights violations. (Rainforest Foundation Norway, 2012)

The End of the Hinterland: Forests, Conflict and Climate Change

This report takes stock of the status of forest rights and tenure globally, assesses the key issues and trends of 2009, and identifies key questions and challenges that we have expected to face in 2010. (Rights and Resources Initiative 2009)

Agriculture at a Crossroads

The report aims to assess the impacts of past, present and future agricultural knowledge, science and technology on the reduction of hunger and poverty; improvement of rural livelihoods and human health; and equitable, socially, environmentally and economically sustainable development. (International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development, 2009)

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