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Grassroots Leadership and Popular Education in Indonesia: Introduction and Summary

Grassroots Leadership and Popular Education in Indonesia is a new publication by LifeMosaic and The Samdhana Institute. The book sets out to analyse and recommend ways to support grassroots leadership development and popular education in order to strengthen movements for social and environmental change – in Indonesia and around the world. The book is for grassroots leaders, activists, educators and movement builders in Indonesia and beyond, for all those participating in systemic change towards a more equitable and sustainable future, with the hope that in these pages there is a spark that gives you energy on your journey. Please read this Introduction and Summary, the first chapter of the book to be serialised. (The Samdhana Institute / LifeMosaic, 2015)

Sungai Utik Declaration

The Sungai Utik Declaration is a statement of intent from more than 20 indigenous young people from the Philippines and Indonesia responding to the call from their ancestors and their territories.

Wallposter Comics

Grassroots comics are different from the mainstream comics, these comics are made by common people themselves. These comics are photocopied and distributed to a limited area, which encourage local debate in the society. Grassroots Comics are inexpensive and method is not complicated, you just required a pen, paper and access to a copying machine to produce one. This guide explains step-by-step how to produce you own comic and use it to inspire community debate. (Sharad Sharma / World Comics)

Campaigning with Grassroots Comics

Many people think that comics are mainly for children. However, what we call ”Grassroots comics” is a powerful medium for ordinary people’s expression and reading. This manual explains how comics can help in establishing public participation and making a campaign. (Sharad Sharma / World Comics, 2009)

Know Your Rights Related to REDD+

Know Your Rights Related to REDD+ provides fundamental information about human rights that you can use to defend the rights of communities and indigenous peoples in confronting issues related to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) initiatives. It is also relevant in the context of other forest governance initiatives, such as the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Action Plan. (Center for International Environmental Law, 2014)

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