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Programme Officer Indonesia 2021 Application Form

Job Title: Programme Officer – Supporting indigenous movements in Indonesia | LifeMosaic is looking for a Programme Officer to support indigenous movements in Indonesia. This is a one-year contract (with possible extension) with an initial 3-month trial period. This post will be based in Jakarta or Bogor. This is a unique opportunity to join a small and dedicated team, working with partners across Indonesia, supporting local communities, partners, and facilitators to empower indigenous communities by using popular education resources and approaches. Deadline for applications – 16 August 2021. Sent to Interview date – 23 August 2021.

Call of the Territory

Indigenous Education: The Call of the Territory is a book dedicated to the dynamic and exciting Indonesian indigenous education movement. The book provides an overview of what indigenous education is and why it is needed; investigates the roots of the Indonesian indigenous education movement; and describes a wide variety of decolonising educational initiatives that place indigenous knowledge, language and cosmologies at the heart of the educational experience. (Serge Marti / LifeMosaic / YPMAN 2019)

Indigenous Education Declaration - Cipta Gelar

The Ciptagelar Declaration was written and adopted by 28 indigenous education activists and supporters during the first Indonesian methodological retreat on indigenous education.

Pamulaan Centre for Indigenous Peoples Education

Pamulaan Centre for Indigenous Peoples Education - an overview of this inspirational indigenous university in Davao, The Philippines. This information accompanies the video Pamulaan Indigenous University. (LifeMosaic 2018)

Tugdaan Indigenous High School

Information about Tugdaan Mangyan Centre of Learning and Development, to accompany the Video - Tugdaan Indigenous High School (LifeMosaic 2018)

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