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Lo Apëitop - Tïpatakamo Eitop (Land Grabs)

Lo Apëitop - Tïpatakamo Eitop (Land Grabs)

Ëtï mëlë lo apëitop katop? Wayana haponkom lo kuptë tïpatakom apëitop eneja fabriektom bedrijftom patame malalë tulesitom pëk eitohme huwa. Helë video tïwë ulë eitop ëtïtop ipohnëptop enepoja lo apëitop tïwëlënkomoja aptao. Helëjao henejatëi Azië, Afrika malalë Amerika lonpo Wayana haponkom ohanëmatop ipatakom apëitop tïwëlënkomoja akenamehle aptao. Tëweitopkom ekalëja tot tïwëlënkom neneme nipanakmame huwa.

Ёwuhnёptop Tulakanemuja - Tïpatakamo eitop (Company Tactics)

Ёwuhnёptop Tulakanemuja - Tïpatakamo eitop (Company Tactics)

Ta katop mëlë Ёwuhnёptop Tulakanemuja katop? Helë video mënenepoja companytomoja kaliponotom ewuhnëptop ise tëweitopkom ïpotohme ejahe lo kuptë malalë koni eitopjao industrie patatom ipïnanïptop ejahe huwa. Helëkom tuwalë kaliponotom aptao tïhap mënëtïjatot tïpatakom ikulunmatohpëk tïwëlënkom tumëkhe ipatakëhe ëtïkom ïhe aptao. Sin man ahpelahle eitop tïwëlënkom nenetpï Cameroon ponokom Indonesia ponokom malalë Paraguay ponokom helëkom epone. Helë video man 14 minuten katïp kupime iweitop.

Sarayaku Leadership: Wisdom of the Elders, Power of the Youth

Sarayaku Leadership: Wisdom of the Elders, Power of the Youth

Community members from Sarayaku in Ecuador discuss what leadership means to them, and how it is practised in their territory.

Land Grabs

What are land grabs? Why are they happening, and what are their impacts? Indigenous communities around the world are seeing their lands threatened by the extractive and agro-industries, by conservation schemes and by tourism developments. This video looks into the scale, drivers, and impacts of the global rush for land. In this video we hear from indigenous peoples from Asia, Latin America and Africa who have first hand experience of the impacts of land grabs.

Company Tactics

'Company Tactics' describes the tactics that companies use to convince communities to accept and support their projects, and shows that these tactics are used across continents and industries. When communities are aware of these tactics and are prepared for how to counter them, they are more likely to be able to maintain their position in dealing with land decisions concerning outside developments. The video is based on the experiences of communities in Cameroon, Indonesia and Paraguay. It can be screened in communities where plantations, mining or large scale developments are happening or could happen in future.

Land Rights

'Land Rights' is especially for communities whose land rights have not yet been recognised, to help them compare the benefits and drawbacks of three common types of rights, and to discuss what type of rights they seek. This video, based on experiences from Latin America, Africa and Indonesia, discusses community concessions on state land and individual certification, both approaches that many governments and international institutions are promoting. It compares these with the recognition of communal rights over territory, which indigenous peoples around the world feel best reflect their cultural and spiritual connections to their lands, resources and territories.

Women Champions of Buffalo River

This video is about a powerful women-led movement for indigenous land rights, from Loliondo, Tanzania. Without the community’s consent a large part of their lands were occupied. When the women in the community realised that the efforts to defend their territory were failing, they decided to take matters into their own hands. The women used awareness-raising, protests and political pressure to lead a movement in defence of their territory.

Life Plan

The Misak are an indigenous people whose territories are located in Cauca, Colombia. As with many indigenous peoples in Latin America, the Misak lost large parts of their territory during colonial rule. In the 1970s, they started a process of land reclamation and were eventually successful in gaining formal land rights recognition. Since then the Misak developed Plan de Vida as a tool for self-determined development to ensure their gains would be preserved for future generations.


This video looks at the ways three communities in Indonesia, Tanzania and Ecuador are using radio, internet, mainstream national and international media and video to bring the stories of their struggles to both the wider world and their local areas.

Using the Law

Learn from indigenous communities that have used national and international law to defend their rights. This video looks at three legal cases in Indonesia, Tanzania and Paraguay using national, regional and international law. It also looks at the pros and cons of going to court. This video is part of the 'Territories of Life' series, a video toolkit for indigenous peoples about land and rights.

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