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Rainforest Rescue on Palm Oil

Palm oil is an edible plant oil which has become a common ingredient in many consumer products. Today, around 50 percent of the goods we use every day contain palm oil, from processed foods to candles, grooming products and “biofuels”. Read on for more information on why palm oil has become so pervasive, and how it is destroying rainforests.

Critical Information Collective

Critical Information Collective provides accessible and incisive information challenging corporate-driven economic globalisation and promoting fair and sustainable alternatives. Using their website you can access plenty of informative writing on a range of issues, find easy-to-read summaries, secure campaign communications support, download images and contact experienced researchers.

Palm Watch – Africa

Palm Watch – Africa is an online media platform focused on new oil palm development in West-Central Africa. Research, reporting and a participatory citizen network draw attention to the rapid expansion of oil palm investments across the Congo Basin. Providing in-depth information and multiple opportunities for citizen engagement, Palm Watch – Africa aims to stimulate inclusive debate and foster grassroots strategies for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Palm Oil Action Group

Palm Oil Action Group is concerned about oil palm plantation development and the associated deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Their website includes an explanantion of the impact of oil palm plantation expansions on climate change, deforestation and ingigenous communities, as well as Resources section.

Engage Media

An online video sharing site focused on social justice and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific.

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