Minority Voices Newsroom

The minority voices newsroom is an online multimedia library that allows people to upload, download and share their stories. Members of minorities and indigenous communities, and their advocates, are encouraged to upload first-hand accounts, interviews, reports, pictures, audio and video footage addressing issues of importance to them.


Periscope lets you broadcast live video direct from your phone.


StoryMaker is an open source app that enables you to produce and publish professional-grade news using an Android phone, as safely and securely as possible.

WITNESS Video Advocacy Training Guide

This WITNESS Video Advocacy Training Guide incorporates some of the best practices and lessons learned by WITNESS and its allies over the past 18 years. It was created to help human rights defenders and activists evaluate and plan how best to integrate video into their advocacy work and is full of useful tips on how to use visual media as a tool that will engage people to create change.

Video Editor

This app allows you to edit video on Android mobile phones.

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