(6) June 2015

Melihat Perjuangan Warga Semunying Jaya Merebut Haknya

Perjuangan warga Semunying Jaya, Kecamatan Jagoi Babang, Kabuaten Bengkayang dalam upaya merebut kembali tanah adat,tanah persawahan dan tanah mereka sendiri dengan menggugat perusahaan PT (mimbaruntan.com).

Lutte contre l’accaparement des terres : La Convergence Globale des Luttes pour la Terre et l’Eau

Le problème agraire est mondial, c’est pourquoi la Convergence Globale des Luttes pour la Terre et l’Eau a organisé un forum sous-régional sur le sujet à Selingué du 25 au 27 juin derniers dans les locaux de l’espace Yeleni.(Badou S. Koba / maliweb.net)

World Bank Projects Leave Trail of Misery Around Globe

In developing countries around the globe, forest dwellers, poor villagers and other vulnerable populations claim the World Bank -- the planet’s oldest and most powerful development lender -- has left a trail of misery. (Kushner, Langat, Chavkin and Hudson / icij.org)

Malaysia: Long journey to land recognition

Communal forest land has been a bone of contention between indigenous people and the state for the longest time with the Government expected to decide on the issues soon. (Admin / Indigenous Voices in Asia)

1,000 Ata Manobo kids fail to enroll after DepEd closed IP school

DepEd closes NGO-run school on accusations that it teaches the communist ideology and is strongly supported by the New People’s Army. (Philippines News Agency / interaksyon.com)

Inter-ethnic Summit Brings together 25 Indigenous Nations to Strengthen Resistance

Government of Argentina refuses to meet indigenous peoples (Fionuala Cregan / Intercontinental Cry.org)

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