(7) January 2015

People’s Tribunal Hopes Verdict on Mining Abuses Gains Traction

A recent case study on Canadian mining abuses in Latin America has woven one more thread of justice into the tapestry of international law. (Leila Lemghalef / ipsnews.net)

Tribunal popular culpa a mineras canadienses en América Latina

El Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos (TPP) concluyó que cinco empresas mineras de Canadá y el gobierno de ese país son responsables de violar los derechos humanos en América Latina. (Leila Lemghalef / IPS)

Nigerian farmers face destitution from 300 sq.km land grab backed by UK aid

Questions raised over UK involvement in a massive land-grab in Nigeria that is evicting local farmers from 300 square kilometres of fertile farmland to clear the way for a rice farm owned and controlled from the US and Canada. (Oliver Tickell: The Ecologist)

Remise en cause des lois foncières et semencières : qui tire les ficelles des changements en Afrique

Des gouvernements, des entreprises, des fondations et des organismes de développement font pression pour commercialiser et industrialiser l'agriculture africaine. La privatisation des terres et des semences est essentielle à l'épanouissement de ce modèle d'agrobusiness en Afrique. (AFSA / GRAIN)

Where cellular networks don’t exist, people are building their own

Mexico's communities are building their own telecommunications network. (Source: Wired)

Indonesian Hearings Reveal Forest Ravages

As Indonesia’s national inquiry into land conflicts affecting indigenous peoples draws to a close, it has become clear that police brutality has become a serial feature, that legions of companies are operating without permits and that the government hasn’t even catalogued the myriad indigenous peoples who live in the forest. (Unnamed / Asiasenintel.com)

11 Ways Indigenous Rights Won in 2014

Despite the many losses to Indigenous Peoples, lands and rights that we witnessed in 2014, there were a lot of great victories and successes too. (John Ahni Schertow / intercontinentalcry.org)

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