(3) December 2014

Serialisasi Buku

Terbitan baru LifeMosaic bersama Samdhana Institute: buku berjudul Kepemimpinan Akar Rumput dan Pendidikan Populer di Indonesia. Bab Pendahuluan dan Ringkasan ini adalah bab pertama dari buku yang akan ditayangkan secara berseri.

Book Serialisation

LifeMosaic and The Samdhana Institute are publishing a book called 'Grassroots Leadership and Popular Education in Indonesia'. The Introduction and Summary is the first chapter of the book to be serialised.

Conflict at Canadian mines in Peru highlights empty promises of climate talks

Peru rolled out the green carpet this week for the Conference of the Parties (COP 20), the United Nations climate change talks, amidst harsh criticisms from indigenous leaders and activists who say the government is far from eco-friendly. (Stephanie Boyd / Sraight.com)

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