(17) June 2014

Penelitian: Hutan Primer Indonesia Paling Cepat Hilang di Dunia, Ada Apa?

Penelitan terbaru seperti yang dipublikasikan dalam jurnal online ilmiah Nature Climate Change menyebutkan hilangnya hutan alam primer tropika di Indonesia masih terus berlangsung dan merupakan kehilangan hutan primer tercepat di dunia. Luasan hutan primer yang hilang selama periode penelitian ini setara dengan setengah dari luas pulau Jawa. (Mongabay)

High carbon dioxide levels cause warming in tropics

Higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere cause warming not only at high latitudes but also across tropical regions, according to new research. (Science Daily)

First Nations ‘ecstatic’ over historic Supreme Court ruling

Aboriginal people across Canada celebrate Tsilhqot'in First Nation's win in Supreme Court ruling. (CBC News)

Ecotopia emerging: sustainable forests and healthy livelihoods go hand in hand

Political scientist Arun Agrawal's research sheds light on the connection between forest health and people's livelihoods. (Wendee Nicole / Mongabay)

Equateur : soutenons le peuple de Sarayaku

En Amazonie, la communauté kichwa de Sarayaku est directement menacée par la déforestation et par l’exploitation pétrolière. Le conseil régional de Rhône-Alpes a engagé une coopération avec son conseil de gouvernement. Il appelle les autres collectivités à faire de même. (EELV Rhône-Alpes)

Communities protest that UK’s Equatorial Palm Oil is poised to seize land in Liberia

The UK-listed company, Equatorial Palm Oil, which is threatening to seize land owned by Liberians in defiance of commitments by Liberia’s President, receive a visit from affected communities, who deliver a petition with over 90,000 signatures, reminding EPO that it does not have community consent to expand onto their lands (Global Witness)

Un niño indígena protesta sobre la cancha durante la ceremonia de inauguración del Mundial

Uno de los tres niños brasileños que soltaron palomas blancas durante la ceremonia de inauguración del Mundial aprovechó la ocasión para pedir el reconocimiento de los derechos territoriales indígenas, pero su protesta fue censurada por la FIFA. (Survival)

Affamés de terres : Les petits producteurs nourrissent le monde avec moins d’un quart de l’ensemble

Aujourd’hui, il est courant d’entendre dire que les petits producteurs produisent la majorité de l’alimentation mondiale. Mais combien d'entre nous se rendent compte qu'ils le font avec moins d'un quart de la superficie agricole mondiale, et que cette part, déjà maigre, se réduit comme peau de chagrin ? (GRAIN)

Indigenous boy protests on pitch during World Cup opening ceremony

One of the three Brazilian children who released white doves during the World Cup opening ceremony used the occasion to demand recognition of Indian land rights – but his protest was censored by FIFA. (Survival)

An impossible dream come true

When Carlos Mareco, a leader of the Sawhoyamaxa indigenous community, heard the news that after a two decade long painful legal battle, his people will be able to return to their ancestral lands, he couldn’t help but shed a tear. (María José Eva Parada / Amnesty International

Paraguay: Una ley devolverá tierras ancestrales a comunidad indígena tras dos décadas de indigencia

Unas 160 familias sawhoyamaxa llevaban decenios luchando para que les devolvieran sus tierras ancestrales en la región del Chaco. (Amnistía Internacional)

Hambrientos de tierra: los pueblos indígenas y campesinos alimentan al mundo con menos de un cuarto

Quienes forman parte de las organizaciones campesinas e indígenas alrededor del mundo y todos quienes mantienen alguna cercanía y solidaridad con sus luchas saben que la escasez de tierra y la expulsión desde el campo son hoy procesos extremadamente agudos. (GRAIN)

As forests are cleared and species vanish, there’s one other loss: a world of languages

A new report shows a direct link between disappearing habitats and the loss of languages. One in four of the world's 7,000 spoken tongues is now at risk of falling silent for ever as the threat to cultural biodiversity grows. (The Guardian 2014)

LifeMosaic Lowongan

LifeMosaic mencari fasilitator dan trainer of trainers. Ini adalah kesempatan unik untuk bergabung dengan tim kecil dan berdedikasi, bekerja sama dengan mitra di seluruh Indonesia, dan mendukung fasilitator lokal untuk memperkuat pekerjaan mereka untuk memberdayakan masyarakat dengan menggunakan sumber daya dan pendekatan pendidikan populer.

LifeMosaic is hiring!

We are looking for a popular education facilitator and trainer of trainers in Indonesia. This is a unique opportunity to join a small and dedicated team, working with partners across Indonesia, supporting local facilitators to strengthen their work to empower communities by using popular education resources and approaches.

Langrabbing is bad, it must be stopped

It is incredible that respectable leaders, including those in CCM and the government, should collude with village leaders to usurp land from poor subsistence peasants in the rural drought-prone district. (Daily News)

Can Pepsi and Coke end land grabs for sugar?

Since Oxfam reported sugar land conflicts last year, two big buyers – Coca-Cola and PepsiCo – have stepped in with new supplier policies. But they have a long way to go. (The Guardian)

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