(8) December 2013

Indonesian palm oil company demolishes homes and evicts villagers in week-long raid

Nearly 150 homes were reportedly destroyed in the latest incident in a long-standing conflict between indigenous Batin Sembilan residents and former Wilmar unit PT Asiatic Persada. (Diana Parker / Mogabay)

Perusahaan Kelapa Sawit Asiatic Persada Usir Paksa Suku Anak Dalam

Ratusan personil Tentara Nasional Indonesia dan Brigade Mobil Polri mengawal penggusuran yang dilakukan PT Asiatic Persada, anak perusahaan dari Wilmar Group terhadap warga Suku Bathin Sembilan atau yang dikenal dengan Kelompok Suku Anak Dalam 113 di Padang Salak, Desa Bungku, Kecamatan Bajubang, Batanghari, pada 7 Desember 2013 lalu. (Sirait / Mongabay)

Une nouvelle menace pèse sur l’Amazonie : l’industrie pétrolière française

Extraction pétrolière en pleine forêt vierge, projet d’oléoduc serpentant les territoires de peuples autochtones (Simon Gouin / Basta!)

WTO and Indigenous Peoples: resisting globalization, asserting self-determination

Declaration by the Indigenous Peoples written during a Indigenous Conference - an event running parallel to 9th Ministerial Conference (MC 9) of the World Trade Organization.

Malaysian tribe ends protest as mega-dam floods their homes

About 100 Malaysian tribespeople were forced to end a three-month blockade of a dam after rising waters threatened to flood their homes in Borneo, activists said Tuesday. (Malay Mail Online)

“Women in Mining” event challenged by “Women resisting Mining”!

Press release from London Mining Network and the Gaia Foundation

Mining as a threat to the Commons: the case of South America

The increase in areas given over to mining concessions in South America has involved profound disruptions of ecosystems and the communities that have depended on them for centuries. Communities have lost access to their most valued properties that they customarily shared in a sustained manner. (César Padilla / The Wealth of the Commons)

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