(9) October 2013

Palmiers à huile au Cameroun : Herakles Farms, une saga à rebondissements

Au Cameroun, le projet pharaonique et controversé de la société américaine Herakles Farms de planter des palmiers à huile semble avoir tourné court. Et le pdg de la firme a disparu comme par enchantement. (Afrik.com)

Swallowed by coal: UK profits from Indonesia’s destructive mining industry

Funded by British investment, mining brings deforestation, health problems and pollution to Samarinda, part of 'coal's last frontier' (Vidal / The Guardian)

Mining referendums in Colombia, Guatemala

In Colombia and Guatemala three rural and indigenous communities vote on mining projects and demand the right to free, prior and informed consent. (LAMMP)

The Mexican village that got itself talking

The Mexican village of Talea de Castro has long been ignored by Mexico's mobile phone companies as too remote to put on their networks, but as the BBC's Will Grant reports, they have responded by building their own. (BBC)

A move to blend culture with maps to save vanishing forests

In Indonesia and around the world there's a movement afoot to blend map-making with cultural knowledge to help people without formal land title hang on to what's left of their homes. (Christian Science Monitor)

Un Penan arrêté par la police

Les tensions montent sur le site du barrage de Murum, dans l’Etat malaisien du Sarawak. Les Penan, dont les forêts seront inondées, demandent davantage de compensations et une zone protégée plus vaste afin de pouvoir continuer à chasser et pratiquer la cueillette dans les villages de relocalisation. (Survival)

La policía detiene a indígenas penanes durante un bloqueo contra la presa de Murum

La tensión aumenta en la presa de Murum, en el estado malasio de Sarawak. Los penanes, que verán inundados sus hogares en el bosque, piden una mayor compensación y la protección de más extensiones de bosque para poder seguir cazando y recolectando en sus reasentamientos. (Survival)

Police arrest Penan as tribe blockades dam site

Tensions are mounting at the Murum dam in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The Penan, whose forest homes are due to be flooded, are demanding greater compensation, and more of the forest to be protected so they can continue to hunt and gather in their resettlement villages. (Survival)

Brazil: 1500 Indigenous Peoples occupy the Esplanade of Ministries

Nearly 1,500 Indigenous Peoples from across Brazil on Wednesday occupied a central road in the federal capital Brasília. The protesters are trying to stop a legislative assault that threatens to severely undermine or extinguish Indigenous rights in the country. (Intercontinental Cry)

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