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Pesticide Action Network, Asia & the Pacific

Advancing food sovreignty, gender justice, and environmental sustainability, PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) is one of five regional centres of Pesticide Action Network, a global network dedicated to the elimination of harm upon humans and the environment by pesticide use. Alongside this, the centres focus on promoting sustainable biodiversity-based ecological agriculture (BEA).

World Comics Network

World Comics Network promotes the use of Grassroots Comics as a medium for self-expression, advocacy, teaching tool and more. Started in mid-nineties in India by cartoonist Sharad Sharma, now the network is active in different parts of the globe.

The Impact Field Guide & Toolkit

A set of tools and guides designed to help those who are working with film make even greater impact. (Art to Impact, 2014)

The facts are in: nonviolent resistance works

Recently, Columbia University Press published an extraordinary scholarly book that proves how nonviolence works far better as a method for social change than violence. An article by Jon Dear in the National Catholic Reporter.

Feminism and the politics of the Commons

By Silvia Federici

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