Links - Mining and Oil

Intercontinental Cry

An online journal dedicated to news, films and reports on indigenous peoples around the world.

Latin American Mining Monitoring Programme

The Latin American Mining Monitoring Programme is a London-based charity dedicated to supporting Latin American women and their communities in their campaign for human rights, sustainable and participatory development, corporate social responsibility and gender mainstreaming in the mining industry.

Global Voices Special Coverage: Indigenous Rights

Special Coverage on Indigenous Rights by Global Voices includes a number of articles and blogs as well as an extensive resource lists

Critical Information Collective

Critical Information Collective provides accessible and incisive information challenging corporate-driven economic globalisation and promoting fair and sustainable alternatives. Using their website you can access plenty of informative writing on a range of issues, find easy-to-read summaries, secure campaign communications support, download images and contact experienced researchers.

Engage Media

An online video sharing site focused on social justice and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific.

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