Links - Forests and Climate Change

Africa Talks Climate

Africa Talks Climate (ATC) is the most extensive research conducted to date on public understanding of climate change in Africa. Fieldwork completed in 2009 convened discussions with over 1000 citizens and nearly 200 opinion leaders in ten countries across sub-Saharan Africa. ATC sought to assess current attitudes and understanding and identify how media and communication can best support Africans’ response to climate change.

Engage Media

An online video sharing site focused on social justice and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific.

Forest Peoples Programme

Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) was founded in 1990 in response to the forest crisis, and focuses on working to support the rights of forest dependant communities around the world. The website includes an overview of the NGO's work as well as a rich resources and publications section..

UNU-IAS Traditional Knowledge Initiative

An excellent youtube channel by UNU-IAS United Nations University Traditional Knowledge Initiative with a collection of videos on indigenous peoples and climate change.

REDD Monitor

REDD-Monitor aims to facilitate discussion about the concept of reducing deforestation and forest degradation as a way of addressing climate change. An informative website full of news, views and analysis about REDD.

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